Custom Training

You can customize our base training to suit your needs; ask for our detailed training plan.

The trainings can be conducted remotely using Go To Meeting or Lync.

Azure Training

We offer highly specialized training focusing both on knowledge foundation and lessons learned gained over multiple projects to help you get up to speed quickly.

Quick Start Azure Training

Get up to speed in 8 hours!
Learn from experts in the field and save months of learning curve by jump-starting your knowledge on the Azure platform. We offer a Quick Start Azure training packed with information, lessons learned, best practices and more. The training is fast-paced and has multiple demonstrations to show how to use and develop against the Azure platform.

The Quick Start Azure training covers the following areas:
  • Windows Azure and Windows Azure Storage
  • SQL Azure including Federations, Data Sync and Azure Reporting Services
  • General architecture guidance and design principles
  • Monitoring and Deployment options, including certificate management

We can customize the Quick Start training to your needs!

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