Can I try Enzo Backup Advanced Edition for SQL Azure at no charge?

Yes. Simply download the Enzo Backup tool and ask for a 30-day license key at info @ bluesyntax.net. The temporary license key will allow to run the Advanced mode of the tool (meaning that it will be able to recognize and use multiple processors if they are available). Once the 30 day evaluation has expired, you will need to purchase a license key if you would like to continue using the product. If you would like to use the Standard Edition instead, simply ask for your free license for the Standard Edition.

If I backup a SQL Azure database, can I restore to a local SQL Server?

Yes. However you will need to use the Enzo Backup tool to perform the restore operation. The tool creates its own backup device that SQL Server Management Studio does not understand.

Can I use Enzo Backup to copy a SQL Server database in SQL Azure?

Yes, if the database was built to run in SQL Azure. Enzo Backup will not automatically fix the SQL Server database to make it work in SQL Azure. If you use unsupported SQL Azure features, the operation may fail. However you should consider using the Enzo Data Copy for SQL Azure product which will analyze the SQL Server database and give you a list of potential issues before migrating your database.

Is backing up SQL Server supported?

No. However if the SQL Server database was created from a backup of a SQL Azure database, and no schema change were made, you can contact Blue Syntax support for assistance.

With Enzo Backup for SQL Azure, can I backup a SQL Azure database entirely in the cloud?

Yes. You will need to deploy a cloud agent first. You can then start a backup or restore operation to run in the cloud entirely. Consult the Help -> How To section in the application menu system for more information.

Can I backup a single schema in the database?

Yes. You can select a single schema within the database. All the objects that belong to this schema will be backed up. Once backed up, you can restore the schema to another database. If the schema does not already exist in the destination database, the restore will be successful.

How can schedule my backups?

You can either use the built-in scheduler or another 3rd party scheduler (including Windows Task Scheduler). Use the built-in scheduler to backup a SQL Azure database into a Blob Device. If you would rather backup to a local file, you will need to use a third-party scheduler. Enzo Backup comes with command-line tools that allow you to perform Backup and Restore operations through third-party scheduler.