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HTTP Rapid Development

Use HTTP/REST to access WMI and MSAD objects from IoT devices, web applications and Mobile devices. Restart services. Execute custom WMI SQL commands.

POST ENZO_URI/bsc/wmi/restartsvc HTTP/1.1
_config: myconfigname
computer: mymachine
servicename: myservice

No SDK or client libraries required.

Works with: Enzo UnifiedEnzo Online

Native SQL

Execute WMI commands and query Active Directory from within SQL Server databases and SQL Server Jobs. Cache results for performance.

EXEC WMI.RestartSvc 'machinename', 'servicename'

SELECT * FROM WMI.patches@devdsk02 WHERE computer='devlap02,devdsk02' AND hotfixid = 'KB2727528'

select top 10 * from Msad.Users

EXEC Msad.AddUserToGroups 'jdoe', 'Domain Admins;Guests'

Integrate with SQL Server directly.

Works with: Enzo Unified