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Query APIs

APIs are hard. That's a fact. And APIs are not following any strict standard, which means each API has its own set of commands, responses, and even authentication methods (yes, sometimes more than one). No wonder developers are overwhelmed!

But what if your organization, or your direct customers, could query APIs instead of writing code? What if you could leverage existing talent in your organization to query Internet resources, make phone calls, post a tweet, and even talk to FTP servers? What if you could communicate with virtually any system without having to learn their underlying APIs, or protocols?

It would be a game changer...

Enzo Unified = The "easy" button of Data Integration!

We hide the complexities of accessing unstructured data and services to create software faster, simplify reports, and help you get the most out of your existing data. With Enzo Unified, you can now simplify your ETL processes and eliminate most of your temporary tables that slow down reporting and BI projects.

Here is a sample list of resources you can query:

  • Twitter
  • no-SQL
  • FTP
  • XML
  • Demographics Data
  • Weather data
  • Flight data
  • Legacy/CICS
  • WMI
  • USPS/FedEx/UPS
  • CSV Files
  • IBM Kenexa
  • Insteon
  • Equifax
  • Bing Translation
  • Azure Tables, Blobs, Queues
  • Address Verification
  • Excel
  • Bing Search
  • Message Queuing
  • MaxMind
  • SMS / SMTP
  • DMX
  • BEA
  • And more...

And, there is no need to install proprietary client-side drivers (it's not another ODBC driver!). Enzo Unified behaves like a database server, so it natively understands database traffic, executes commands on your behalf, and returns records to you or your application to consume. It's that simple.

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Advantages of Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a fundamentally different server platform that renders APIs irrelevant; with Enzo Unified, you will obtain:

  • Agility - Reduce time to market by consolidating access to Internet and Enterprise data sources
  • Reduced Costs - Leverage existing talent to build data services and reduce temporary storage
  • Increase Data Quality - Eliminate redundant storage and remove data silos to build a common view of your data
  • Data as a Service - Deliver the right data at the right time with a cloud and/or enterprise data service
  • Real-Time Information - Easily build real-time analytics to improve critical business decisions
Enzo Unified is a server platform that returns data from any source of information as one or more rows, in real-time, as if the information were already stored in a database. As a result no specialized knowledge of the source API or Protocol is needed.

How Enzo Unified Makes Things Easier (warning: geek content starts here...)

Enzo™ Unified is a next generation data virtualization paltform designed to simplify access of disparate data by exposing them as raw data sources, as if they were database tables. As a result, client applications and end-user spreadsheets can easily access the same data without the need to code using an advanced programming language like Java, C#, or VB.NET. All that's needed is a simple SQL statement to fetch data. So business analysts can query data through Enzo Unified using Excel, or MS Access for example.

  • No code - Other than simple SQL statements, no code is required to get data from available data sources
  • No drivers - You connect to Enzo Unified as it were a database server. No proprietary drivers are required
  • Real-time - Enzo Unified returns data in real-time, no matter which data source you connect to
  • Expandable - Are you a developer? Our SDK makes it easy to extend Enzo Unified; Contact us for more details

Example: Accessing Twitter Feeds & Posting Tweets

Accessing real-time tweets from Twitter or posting tweets is child play with Enzo Unified. No need to learn the Twitter API, nor understand how the authentication protocol should be used, or which SDK is still supported by the community. All you need is a simple SQL statement like this to read live tweets:

In fact, you could also run a SELECT statement, as such:

SELECT * FROM Twitter.Search WHERE tweetContains = 'flight delay'

Oh... and you can also send tweets just as easily!

Common Questions

  • Does Enzo Unified require SQL Server licenses?
    No. Enzo Unified behaves like a SQL database, so you won't need to purchase licenses of SQL Server. However, if you already have SQL Server installed (including SQL Server Express) Enzo Unified can be linked to SQL Server to enhance your database applications.
  • Does Enzo Unified require specialized drivers?
    Not at all. Enzo Unified is a server platform.
  • Which kinds of SQL statements can I use?
    This depends on the data source. Generally speaking, EXEC, SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE operations are possible.
  • Does Enzo Unified support no-sql tables?
    Absolutely! You can easily query no-sql tables using a SELECT statement for example.
  • Can Enzo Unified be extended with custom code?
    Yes. This is one of the strengths of Enzo Unified: you can build your own adapters to support more data sources.
  • Can Enzo Unified load flat files?
    Of course! Load CSV files from a disk, an FTP site, inside a Zip file or even from a Blob.
  • Can Enzo Unified communicate with queues?
    Yes. Enzo Unified communicates with enterprise queues and other systems to simplify enterprise SOA initiatives.
  • Can Enzo Unified be used by ETL tools?
    Yes. Enzo Unified complements ETL technologies by simplifing data extraction from any data source.
  • Why would I use Enzo Unified if I already have APIs?
    Because APIs require extensive development everytime they are being used. With Enzo Unified, APIs are wrapped by simple SQL calls.

Would you like a demo? Contact us at your earliest convenience and you will find out just how easily you can move your organization into this next generation Data Virtualization paltform.

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